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  • Light Tortoiseshell Celluloid Sheet
  • White Mother of Pearl Inlay Blank
  • Cream Plain CAB Dot Inlay
  • Gold Mother of Pearl Dot Inlay
  • Cream Vintage Pearloid Celluloid Sheet
  • Black Plain ABS Guitar Binding
  • Yellow Tortoiseshell Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)
  • Vintage Tortoiseshell Celluloid Sheet
  • White Pearloid Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)
  • Black and White Wonky Checker-Ish Wonky Banded Celluloid Guitar Binding - 1480x6x1.5mm
  • Parchment White Plain CAB Guitar Binding - 1600x6x1.5mm
  • Solid Wavy Grain Ivory Celluloid Guitar Binding - 1400x6x1.5mm
  • White Pearloid Celluloid Sheet
  • Vintage Spotted Tortoiseshell Celluloid Sheet
  • Purple Glittering Smoky Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)
  • White Vintage Pearloid Celluloid Sheet
  • Ivory Plain ABS Guitar Binding
  • White Vintage Pearloid Celluloid Dot Inlay
  • Bronze Tortoiseshell Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)
  • Blue/Purple Smoky Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)
  • Cream Large Pattern Pearloid Celluloid Sheet
  • Cream Plain CAB Guitar Binding
  • Light Tortoiseshell Celluloid Guitar Binding
  • Regency Green Pearl Cast Acrylic Sheet (3mm thick)