Black and White Wonky Checker-Ish Wonky Banded Celluloid Guitar Binding - 1480x6x1.5mm

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This binding is almost amazing, but our latest batch of it went wrong in production - we cut it before the celluloid was properly cured, and so instead of a clean slice it has deformed some of the pattern. 1.5mm thick, and each of the alternative black and white bands should also be 1.5mm. For about 1/3 - 2/3 of each strip this is the case, but it then starts to get a bit of a lean on. From the side the result is the stripes aren't vertical, they have a slant; from the top, what should be square is either angled or more of a chevron. We're selling them to clear at 80% off, as a couple of them together can still make a beautiful checker inlay or edging. Please see the photos to get an idea of the strips - we aren't photographing every strip and each one will vary, but the images are representative.

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  • Why do you only sell the wonky stuff?

    Ha, fair question! It wasn't intentional, just our last batch came out a bit wonky and we haven't made a new batch since. There are sections in each strip that aren't wonky, so a few strips can be pieced together for a more uniform pattern.
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