Golden Oak Alcohol Soluble Aniline Wood Dye Powder - 1oz, 28g

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To dissolve we recommend our Shellac & Aniline Thinners, which are a Synthetic Methanol solvent. Alternatively Methanol (wood alcohol) or denatured alcohol can be used, but these are not as effective. Always start by putting the solvent into a suitable glass, plastic (HDPE) or ceramic container, and then gradually add the powder. Stir the solution while adding, and then stir occasionally over the course of 30-60 minutes to ensure all powder is dissolved. If adding to our clear nitrocellulose lacquer, strain the solution before adding to ensure no undissolved lumps enter into the lacquer and your spray equipment. Using a 75:25 mixture of Shellac & Aniline Thinners and Acetone can help to dissolve the solution in to nitrocellulose lacquer. The mixed stain can be applied to wood with a sponge, cloth or brush. These 14g (1/2oz) packets will create: 1 litre of normal strength stain 2 litres of wash coat 1/2 litre of concentrated stain


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