How to Apply a Paisley Body Decal

You will need-
Some Titebond Original wood glue.


Sharp craft knife and possibly a pair of scissors.

2x Sanding sealer aerosols or 1 230ml tin for your spray gun.

Clear finishing coat such as gloss, satin or Matt -

Add a medium/thick layer of glue to the face or back of your guitar and place upside down on the unprinted side of the paisley.
turn over and squeegee out the air bubbles.
Leave to dry then turn back over and cut around your guitar with a sharp craft knife.
You will then need to sand flat the edges of the paper to your desired contour.
Then go in with your sealer. The paper will soak up quite a bit. Two cans is the minimum you'll need for a two sided paisley guitar.

Finish with your chosen top coat. Either gloss, satin or matt. We have a handy finishing and polishing guide for this too :)

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