Silver Backed Pink Paisley Paper Guitar Body Decal - 420x295mm

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Supplied as a whole sheet with 420x295mm of print. The sheet will need to be cut to an appropriate shape for your guitar body, headstock or other item before applying. The size is such that on most guitars there will be a 10-20mm gap between the edge of the paisley and the body, which can then be covered by the traditional sunburst effect.

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  • Hi, what glue should i use to avoid wrinkling the paisley paper, on wood? And.. do you have the matching color for edge too on spray can? Best regards Johnny

    The best is a permanent spray adhesive such as those done by 3M, or a contact adhesive. It is possible to use wood glue such as Titebond, but just don't use too much as this can cause wrinkling issues if it's too wet.

    Closest match for the sunburst is our Pink Paisley Nitro, available here:

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  • After I glue it down, do I put anything over it once I'm finished? Varnish, epoxy resin, anything??? Thank you for your help and time.

    Once the paisley is glued to the body it will need to be sprayed with Clear Sanding Sealer, and then the body can be finished as if it was wood. Once the paisley is sealed in finish as normal, withwhatever sunburst or clear top coat you prefer.
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