Clear Backed Blue Paisley Guitar Body Waterslide Decal - 420x295mm

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Supplied as a whole sheet with 420x295mm of print. The sheet will need to be cut to an appropriate shape for your guitar body, headstock or other item before applying. The size is such that on most guitars there will be a 10-20mm gap between the edge of the paisley and the body, which can then be covered by the traditional sunburst effect.

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  • Hi there! Are these actual waterslide decals that need to be soaked, then transferred to a finished guitar body prior to bursting/clearcoating, or are these printed paper sheets that need to be glued to the raw surface of a guitar body and then bursted/clearcoated? Sorry for asking, just a little confused! Thanks so much, Chris

    The Clear Backed are waterslide decals which will need to be soaked and transferred.
    All of the others are paper-based which should be glued with contact adhesive.
    Kind Regards,