Light Blue / Cobalt Blue 2-Tone Sunburst Guitar Body Finishing Kit

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Complete kit to take your guitar body from bare wood to sunburst finish. Our complete Sunburst Kits contain the following: 2 x spray cans Clear Cellulose Sanding Sealer Either 2 or 3 spray cans of colour Nitrocellulose Lacquer depending on your chosen sunburst 2 x spray cans Clear Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Complete Hand Polishing Kit Extra sandpaper and wet/dry for body prep and keying between coats Nitrile gloves to wear while spraying The specific kits contain the following colours: 2-Tone Amber/Dark Orange = Amber (FS5074), Dark Orange (FS5075) 2-Tone Amber/Heritage Cherry Red = Amber (FS5074), Heritage Cherry Red (FS5134) 2-Tone Amber/Mahogany = Amber (FS5074), Dark Rich Mahogany (FS6210) 2-Tone Amber/Red = Amber (FS5074), Light Red (FS5042) 2-Tone Amber/Tobacco = Amber (FS5074), Dark Brown (FS5073) 2-Tone Blue = Light Blue (FS5116), Dark Cobalt Blue (FS5282) 2-Tone Cherry Red = Heritage Cherry Red (FS5134), Smoky Cherry Red (FS5326) 2-Tone Lemon Burst = Amber (FS5074), Light Yellow (FS5227) 2-Tone Orange = Light Orange (FS5325), Dark Orange (FS5075) 2-Tone Silver/Black = Inca Silver (FS5431), Tint Black (FS5044) 2-Tone Tobacco Burst = Light Brown (FS5012), Dark Brown (FS5073) 2-Tone 50S Dark Yellow / Tobacco = Dark Yellow (FS5043), Dark Brown (FS5073) 3-Tone 50s Sunburst = Dark Yellow (FS5043), Light Red (FS5042), Tint Black (FS5044) 3-Tone 60s Sunburst = Dark Yellow (FS5043), Strong Cherry Red (FS5061), Strong Black (FS5045) 3-Tone Tobacco Burst = Light Brown (FS5012), Dark Brown (FS5073), Strong Black (FS5045) 3-Tone Amber (weak) Dark Brown / Strong Black = Strong Black (FS5045), Weak Amber (FS5457), Dark Brown (FS5073) All components of the kit are available to buy separately on the site, should you wish to make your own Sunburst combination.

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